top 10 rooftop solar companies in india

Top 10 Rooftop Solar Companies in India – Expert Review

India is seeing a big interest in clean energy like rooftop solar. But, many people don’t know much about it. This lack of awareness and info stops them from choosing solar power. Some are also put off by the initial high costs.

The rooftop solar industry in India hasn’t been easy. There’s a shortage of standard products, clear procedures, and easy bank loans. Thankfully, solar tech costs less now. You can make back what you spent on a solar setup in just 5-7 years. This makes it a good choice for both homes and businesses looking to cut their power bills and help the planet.

Key Takeaways

  • The lack of information and awareness about the benefits of rooftop solar is a major obstacle to its widespread adoption in India.
  • Upfront costs and the lack of financing options have been deterrents for many households and businesses.
  • The best rooftop solar providers sector in India faces challenges due to the lack of standardized products and procedures.
  • However, with the rapidly declining cost of solar technology, it is now possible to recover the investment in 5-7 years.
  • Rooftop solar  energy systems is becoming an increasingly attractive option for those seeking to reduce their electricity bills and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

The Rise of Rooftop Solar in India

The Indian government is pushing for more rooftop solar in India. They’ve started the PM Suryoday Yojana to set up solar systems on a million homes. This move shows the government’s strong support for using solar energy. They want to give families the chance to use residential solar solutions.

Rooftop Solar: An Introduction

Rooftop solar in India is changing how we think about energy. Now, people and companies can produce their own green, clean power on their roofs. This way of getting solar energy in India could change the game. It might answer more of our energy needs, help the grid, and make our future cleaner.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Installations

Benefits of rooftop solar are big and wide-ranging. By using the sun’s power, homeowners can cut their power bills a lot. This results in saving money over time. Also, having rooftop solar helps India use less carbon and move towards a better, sustainable energy future.

Government Initiatives and Policies

The Indian government knows how great rooftop solar can be. So, they’ve come up with many government initiatives for solar energy. These projects, like the PM Suryoday Yojana, help make residential solar solutions easier to get and cheaper for families. They’re working to grow the use of this clean energy.

rooftop solar in india

top 10 rooftop solar companies in india

The demand for solar energy solutions for homes is growing fast in India. The leading rooftop solar companies are at the forefront. They offer top-notch solar products and services.

These companies are making solar solutions more available for homeowners. This helps in switching to green energy easily.

Loom Solar

Loom Solar is known for its innovative solar solutions. They focus on providing affordable yet reliable solar energy systems for homes. Loom Solar has become a key player in the Indian solar market.

Tata Power Solar

As a part of the Tata Group, Tata Power Solar is highly respected in India. It brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success. This has made it a sought-after provider of solar solutions for homes across the nation.

Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten, a Mahindra Group subsidiary, is a well-known name in the Indian solar sector. It stands out for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. This has established it as a reliable choice for both homes and businesses looking for solar solutions.

Sunsure Energy

Sunsure Energy is leading the way in leading solar installers in india. Known for its high-quality solutions, the company focuses on customer service. It customizes its services to meet the specific needs of its clients. This has made it a top pick among solar installers in India.

Fourth Partner Energy

Fourth Partner Energy is making its mark with cutting-edge solar solutions. Their commitment to increasing the use of rooftop solar is well recognized. They are seen as a company shaping the future of solar installations in India.


The increase of rooftop solar in India paves the way for a greener future. This move is powered by India’s sunny days and government backing. Because of this, solar energy has become a favored option for homes and businesses.

Key players in the rooftop solar sector, like Loom Solar and Tata Power Solar, are leading the charge. They’ve made solar power systems for homes easier to get and shown its many benefits. These benefits include lower electric bills, less harm to our planet, and using more renewable energy.

India’s journey with rooftop solar energy is just beginning. As more people learn about it and the government pushes forward, the future looks promising. This trend isn’t just good for the environment. It will also ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for everyone.


What are the major bottlenecks in the rapid adoption of rooftop solar in India?

In India, the slow move to top rated rooftop solar companies  due to a few big issues. This includes not enough awareness of solar’s benefits. Also, high costs upfront for buying solar gear and not simple financing from banks make it hard. Even a lack of set products and how-tos slow things down.

How can the cost of rooftop solar be recovered in India?

Now, it’s getting easier and faster to make money back from rooftop solar in India. With solar prices falling fast, you can see returns in 5-7 years.

What is the PM Suryoday Yojana launched by the Indian government?

India’s PM Suryoday Yojana plans to set up rooftop solar in a crore homes. This is a big step to cut down on electricity costs and help the environment with renewable energy.

What are the top rooftop solar installation companies in India?

According to details from a reliable source, leading companies in rooftop solar in India are Loom Solar, Tata Power Solar, Mahindra Susten, Sunsure Energy, and Fourth Partner Energy.

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