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Loom Solar Panel Price: Compare Costs and Save Big!

The cost of Loom solar panels in India varies a lot. It depends on the type, wattage, voltage, and technology used. You can find panels from 10W to 575W, with different technologies. These include Polycrystalline, Mono PERC, and TOPCon.

On average, a Loom solar panel costs about ₹35,000/kW. The lowest price is ₹34,000/kW, and the highest is ₹41,000/kW. Prices change depending on the state.

Installation costs are usually higher in South India. When picking a Loom solar panel for your home or business, think about your energy needs. Also, look at installation factors and financing options to save more.

Key Takeaways

  • Loom solar panel prices in India can vary significantly based on factors like panel type, wattage, voltage, and technology.
  • The average cost of a Loom solar panel is around ₹35,000/kW, with a range from ₹34,000/kW to ₹41,000/kW.
  • Loom solar panel prices can also vary by state, with higher installation costs in South India compared to other regions.
  • Consumers must carefully consider their energy needs, installation factors, and available financing options to maximize their savings.
  • The Loom solar panel market offers a wide range of options, from 10W to 575W panels, in both 12V and 24V configurations.

Understanding the Factors that Influence Loom Solar Panel Prices

The price of Loom solar panels depends on several things. This includes the kind of panel, its power, electricity, and how it’s made. Polycrystalline panels are usually cheaper but less efficient, working at about 17%. Mono PERC panels, a bit newer, are more efficient at 20%. But the TOPCon tech panels are the best, reaching 22.5% efficiency.

Panel Wattage: From 10W to 575W

Solar panels from Loom vary a lot in power, from 10W to 575W. Bigger panels with more watts are generally costlier. The choice of panel power depends on the user’s power needs and where they plan to use the panels, like in a home, business, or on the farm.

Voltage: 12V or 24V

Loom offers solar panels in either 12V or 24V. You would use 24V panels for nearly all types of solar setups, both big and small. 12V panels are more for single solar light setups and do-it-yourself projects. The panel voltage chosen depends on how much power you need and your solar setup type.

Technology: Mono PERC, Mono PERC Bifacial, or Poly Panels

The type of tech in Loom’s panels also affects the price. Polycrystalline panels are the least expensive. Next come the Mono PERC and TOPCon panels, offering better efficiency but at a higher price. The technology choice depends on what the buyer wants in terms of power, performance, and the budget they have.

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loom solar panel price: A Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

The average price of Loom solar panels in India is around ₹35,000 per kilowatt. This price can go as low as ₹34,000/kW and as high as ₹41,000/kW. Knowing this cost per kilowatt is key for anyone looking into solar for home, business, or farm use.

Price Range by State

In India, Loom solar panel prices vary from state to state. For instance, the cost can fluctuate from ₹39,520 to ₹40,500 per kilowatt. These changes are because of different installation methods, technology factors, and service levels. Thus, people must think about these state-based price differences when picking the best solar solution.

Cost Variations by Solar Panel Type

The type of solar panel can change the price too. For example, Polycrystalline panels are the cheapest. By contrast, Mono PERC and TOPCon panels, while more expensive, are more efficient. Deciding among these choices is crucial for finding the best deal on residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural solar panel systems.

Maximizing Your Savings: Tips for Choosing the Right Loom Solar Panel

When you decide to invest in Loom solar panels, it’s key to think about your energy needs and where you’ll put them. It’s also important to weigh the financing help and incentives available. This careful thought helps you pick the best solar panels for your savings.

Calculating Your Energy Needs

First, find out how much energy you use now and if you plan to use more in the future. This step is important to choose the right wattage and setup for your needs. Getting this part right ensures your investment in Loom solar panels is just right.

Considering Installation Factors

Next, think about the setup of your solar panels. Things like how much space you have, which way your roof faces, and if there are shadows matter a lot. They can change how well your Loom solar panels work and how much you save.

Exploring Financing Options and Incentives

Last, look into ways to pay for your solar panels, like loans or leasing, and what help you can get from the government. Using these options can lower your starting costs and increase your savings over time.

By looking closely at these areas, you can find the best Loom solar panel choice. It will suit your needs and help you save more money.


In India, the cost of Loom solar panels changes a lot. This change depends on things like the panel’s type, wattage, voltage, and technology. On average, they cost about ₹35,000 for each kilowatt of power. The prices can go as low as ₹34,000/kW and as high as ₹41,000/kW. Costs differ by state. Southern India usually has higher installation costs than other areas.

Choosing the right Loom solar panel means thinking about your energy needs, where you’ll install them, and how you can pay for them. With this in mind, homeowners and businesses can make smart choices. This way, they can enjoy all the good things solar power brings.

To get your money’s worth, it’s key to look closely at what you need for power, where you’ll put the panels, and how you’ll cover the cost. Doing this helps in picking the perfect Loom solar panel. It matches both what you need and what you can pay. This choice helps you save more and join the world of green energy.


What factors influence the cost of Loom solar panels in India?

The cost of Loom solar panels in India changes a lot. It depends on what type of panel you need. Also, the power level, voltage, and the tech used impact the price.

You can choose panels from 10W to 575W. They come in 12V and 24V setups. And you can pick from technologies like Polycrystalline, Mono PERC, and TOPCon.

What is the average cost of Loom solar panels in India?

The average cost of a Loom solar panel is about ₹35,000/kW. The cheapest can be found at ₹34,000/kW, and the most expensive at ₹41,000/kW.

Prices may differ from state to state. In South India, installation costs tend to be higher than in other areas.

How do the different Loom solar panel technologies affect the cost?

Your choice of technology and power settings depends on your energy needs. Polycrystalline panels are the cheapest but less efficient, at about 17%.

Mono PERC panels are more efficient, around 20%, making them a popular choice. Yet, TOPCon has the latest tech and the best efficiency, up to 22.5%, with Bifacial setups. But it’s the highest priced option.

What factors should consumers consider to maximize their savings when buying Loom solar panels?

To save the most money, you have to think about many things. First, figure out how much energy you need. Then, check your roof’s size, which way it faces, and if anything will block the sunlight.

Look into how you can pay for the solar panels. Plus, see if there are any loans, grants, or tax breaks available. These can cut your costs a lot.

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