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Tata Power Solar Rooftop: Harness the Power of the Sun

Tata Power Solar  is at the forefront in using solar power for sustainable energy solutions. It’s India’s biggest company in solar, with its main office in Bangalore. The company works in making great tata power solar rooftop modules, handling  solar  projects, and creating new solar items. With over 32 years in the business and more than 1,000 staff, it has made a big impact. They’ve helped about 50 million people live greener, cutting down 20 million tons of CO2.

Tata Power Solar is a top pick for residential solar panels, rooftop installations, and all kinds of renewable energy products. It’s known for its 1GW rooftop projects and 9.7GWp large solar farms across India. This makes it a leader in making power in a sustainable way.

Key Takeaways

  • Tata Power Solar is India’s largest integrated solar company with over 32 years of experience
  • The company offers comprehensive solar energy solutions, including manufacturing high-quality solar modules and providing EPC services
  • Tata Power Solar has a proven track record of executing large-scale solar projects and a portfolio of over 1GW of roooftop installations
  • Their solutions cater to both residential and commercial customers, enabling them to harness the power of the sun and achieve energy cost savings
  • Tata Power Solar’s grid-tied solar systems and net metering capabilities allow customers to export excess electricity and further optimize their energy savings

Tata Power Solar: India’s Leading Integrated Solar Company

For over 34 years, Tata Power Solar has been a key player in the solar field. It’s known for its technology innovation, cutting-edge manufacturing, and quality-driven solutions. The company makes 670MW of modules and 530MW of cells each year, using both mono and multi-crystalline cells.

Over Three Decades of Solar Expertise

Tata Power Solar stands out as India’s top ISO-certified integrated cell and module manufacturing facility. Its products meet global quality standards and have been used around the world. In the past 33 years, they’ve sent out over 3GW of modules for projects in North America, Europe, and India.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions

This company offers a wide comprehensive range of solar solutions. They can set up systems on rooftops or on the ground, big or small. Their experts help clients find the perfect system for their situation.

Innovative Product Portfolio

The product line includes systems tied to the grid, those with batteries, and special solar designs. These offerings are made to meet various customer needs. They provide customized, high-quality, and reliable solar installations.

Innovative solar product portfolio

Benefits of tata power solar rooftop

Tata Power Solar’s rooftop solutions bring many pluses for homes, firms, and industries. They can cut electric bills by up to 80%. A solar system pays for itself in 4-5 years. Over 25 years, homeowners save more than Rs 10 lakh. MSMEs save over Rs 2 crore.

Substantial Energy Cost Savings

Tata Power Solar’s rooftop solutions help cut carbon emissions. MSMEs lessen up to 3,000 tons of CO2. Homeowners cut up to 150 tons, like planting 5,000 and 250 trees, respectively.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

The rooftop systems need almost no maintenance because they don’t have moving parts. They also help with green building certifications. This is great for those who care about the environment.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

The solar systems need little upkeep, making life easier for owners. This quality also supports green building certifications. It adds to the appeal for eco-conscious customers.

Potential for Green Building Certifications

Tata Power Solar’s solutions are good for the environment and support green building certifications. This is a big plus for those who want to build or operate in sustainable ways.

Tata Power Solar Rooftop Solutions

Tata Power Solar is a leader in India for rooftop solar solutions. They offer a wide range of products for homes, businesses, and industries. Their solutions help customers use the sun’s power to save money and be eco-friendly.

Grid-Connected Solar Systems

For those with sunny roofs or grounds, Tata Power Solar has grid-connected systems. These can be used for homes, shops, and factories. They share extra power with the grid, saving money on bills. Systems are available in sizes from 1kW to multi-megawatts to meet varied needs.

Battery-Based Solar Systems

In places with often power cuts, Tata Power Solar offers battery-based systems. These keep important devices running without using the grid. This helps homes and businesses be sure they won’t lose power even when the grid is down.

Micro-Inverter Based Grid-Connected Systems

Tata Power Solar uses micro-inverters to make solar systems better, even in shaded spots. This technology makes each solar panel work its best. It improves the whole system’s performance, letting customers save more.

Solar Trees and Artefacts

For unique solar options, Tata Power Solar has Solar Trees and Solar Power Shades. These are great for small or open spaces, adding to the area’s look. They let people go green with style, blending solar power with design.


Tata Power Solar has over 34 years of experience in the solar industry. It is leading India’s move towards renewable energy. The company provides complete solar energy solutions for both residential solar and commercial solar needs.

It offers products such as grid-connected systems and battery solutions. These meet the various needs of its customers. By picking Tata Power Solar, customers move towards a more sustainable power generation. They also enjoy the benefits of renewable, clean energy.

Tata Power Solar is the top solar industry leader in India. It is dedicated to helping people, companies, and industries use the power of the sun. The goal is to create a more sustainable future for everyone.


What is Tata Power Solar’s expertise in the solar industry?

Tata Power Solar is India’s biggest integrated solar company. It has over 34 years of experience. This company leads in technology, quality, and innovation.

What are the key segments of Tata Power Solar’s business?

Tata Power Solar focuses on three main areas. They make solar modules, handle solar project services, and make new solar products.

What are the benefits of Tata Power Solar’s rooftop solutions?

Their rooftop solutions bring many advantages. You can save up to 80% on your power bills. They pay for themselves in 4-5 years, helping you cut emissions and need less upkeep.

What types of solar solutions does Tata Power Solar offer?

Tata Power Solar has a broad variety of solar solutions. They have grid-connected systems, battery ones, and special structures like Solar Trees and Solar Power Shades.

How does Tata Power Solar contribute to sustainable power generation?

Tata Power Solar is at the heart of India’s solar future. It helps people use sun power to save on energy and protect the environment.

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