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Best Solar Rooftop Companies – Top Installers Near You

The lack of info on solar benefits and rooftop solar slows its growth in India. Many pay high power prices because they don’t want to pay big for solar panels. They find it hard to start due to the lack of standard products and financing. But, with falling solar costs, the money spent on rooftop solar can be earned back in 5-7 years. This varies due to things like subsidies and electricity costs.

Only 9% of rooftop solar in India is at homes. Most are on businesses and industries. As the need for power grows, rooftop solar becomes crucial for India’s future.

Key Takeaways

  • The lack of awareness and information about the benefits of  home solar power is a major challenge in the rapid adoption of rooftop solar in India.
  • The cost of rooftop solar systems has come down significantly, making it possible to recover the investment in 5-7 years.
  • Households account for only 9% of the total rooftop solar capacity in India, with the majority of installations being on commercial and industrial establishments.
  • Rooftop solar is the only viable option to meet the rising demand for power in India.
  • The solar rooftop companies in India are playing a crucial role in providing affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers.

Understanding Rooftop Solar Systems

India is boosting rooftop solar with the PM Suryoday Yojana. Let’s dive into how these systems work. They capture the sun’s energy and turn it into power for homes, companies, and factories.

What is Rooftop Solar?

Rooftop solar means having solar photovoltaic systems on building tops. This is for homes or for businesses. The systems turn the sun’s energy into electricity. This lessens the need for traditional power and supports using renewable energy.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Installations

Set up on roofs, residential solar systems have many pluses. They cut down on power bills. This makes them a wise choice for both city and countryside settings. Plus, they help India rely more on clean renewable energy. This decreases the nation’s climate impact and pushes for green growth.

Components of a Rooftop Solar System

Each rooftop solar setup has key parts. This includes solar panels, inverters, and the support systems. All these pieces join to capture the sun’s power. They turn it into power we can use. Then they link back to the main power grid or work without it.

Component Description
Solar Panels The main part, turns sunlight into electricity.
Inverters These change the electricity from the panels into a form we can use in our homes or send to the power grid.
Racking Systems Helps the panels sit securely on the roof in the best way to catch the most sunlight.
Electrical Connections This includes the wires and switches. They’re what hook the solar system to our power system or the grid.

solar rooftop companies – Top Providers in India

In recent years, India’s rooftop solar industry has grown a lot. Today, many top solar rooftop companies are the go-to choice for solar needs. They offer solutions for homes, businesses, and industries. These leading rooftop solar installers are at the forefront of the renewable energy movement in India.

Loom Solar

Loom Solar stands out as a key player in India’s solar market. They offer a variety of solar solutions, from small 3 kW systems to large 100 kW setups. Over 1000 homes and numerous commercial and industrial sites in 700 Indian cities now use their solar energy.

Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar, a Tata Group company, is a leader in the solar space. They are known for their high-quality residential solar solutions, commercial solar systems, and industrial solar projects in India.

Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten, under the Mahindra Group, is also very active in India’s solar scene. They provide a broad range of solar solutions for homes, businesses, and industries. This helps them meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Sunsure Energy

Sunsure Energy is renowned for its solar installations in India. They focus on residential solar solutions, commercial solar panel installation systems, and industrial solar projects. Their work is known for its quality across the nation.

Fourth Partner Energy

Fourth Partner Energy has made a mark as a top solar EPC company in India. They provide tailored solar solutions for a range of customers, from homeowners to large businesses. Their commitment to customer needs shines through their work.


India’s solar revolution is picking up pace, with rooftop solar systems leading the way. Companies like Loom Solar, Tata Power Solar, and Mahindra Susten are driving this change. They’re making solar power more affordable and sustainable for homes, businesses, and factories.

These companies are not just bringing solar power to more people. They are also reducing its costs. This makes solar energy a viable option for many. Their focus on innovation and quality is helping the solar industry in India grow.

The importance of these top solar companies will only grow. With their skills and new solutions, they’re helping India become greener and less dependent on other forms of energy. As the country places more value on clean power, their work will be key to India’s future.


What are the major challenges in the rapid adoption of rooftop solar in India?

Many in India don’t know much about the benefits of solar. This lack of awareness slows down how quickly people adopt rooftop solar. The high upfront cost keeps people from investing in solar panels. This means they pay more for electricity. The lack of standard procedures and tough times getting easy financing also slow things down.

How soon can the cost of a rooftop solar system be recovered?

The cost of solar installation is decreasing fast. It can now take 5-7 years to make back the money spent. Keep in mind, the time it takes to cover the cost depends on factors like subsidies and your electricity usage.

What is the current status of rooftop solar installations in India?

In India, homes make just 9% of the rooftop solar. Most installations are on businesses or factories. With the country needing more power, rooftop solar is a smart choice for India.

What is the government’s initiative for rooftop solar in India?

The Indian government is pushing rooftop photovoltaic systems. They aim to have solar roof mounts on 1 crore homes through the PM Suryoday Yojana. This plan will help lower electricity costs and make India more reliant on renewable energy.

How do rooftop solar systems work?

Solar panels on the roof change sunlight into electricity. They keep producing power even when it’s cloudy or rainy. Rooftop solar is good for homes, businesses, and factories. It’s the only type of solar power that offers a subsidy.

What are the top rooftop solar installation companies in India?

Loom Solar is one of the best in India. They handle rooftop solar projects from 3 kW to 100 kW. They’ve powered over 1000 homes in 700 Indian cities. This includes both residential and commercial projects.

Who are the leading solar rooftop companies in India?

Companies like Loom Solar, Tata Power Solar, and Mahindra Susten are leading in India. They offer affordable solar solutions for homes, businesses, and factories. Sunsure Energy and (Fourth Partner) green energy companies are also making a big impact with their sustainable solar solutions.

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