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Solarize Presents a 15Kw Solar rooftop system to save your monthly electricity bill. This solar rooftop system is recommended on grid solar for offices, individual bungalows, small factory, society’s, complex etc . 15kw solar system will generate 60kwh per day and approximately 1800kwh in one month. It will save 20500/- rupees in monthly electricity occupies 1200sqft space in installation.

Main Components of System

15Kw Mono-PERC Solar Modules

15Kw Grid- Tie Inverter

Connecting Cables and Protection Devises.

GI Structure for 15kw Solar Modules.

Earthing Kits

Energy Meters

Remote monitoring Unit

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Key Benefits

Payback in 2-3 Years.

25 Years Warranty for Solar Modules

Government Subsidy for Residential Use

Tax Depreciation for Commercial Use(80%)

Easy Finance options with Low Interest Rate(Starting From 7.49%)

Monthly EMI will be lower than your current electricity bill.


Solar Panel Goldi/Renewsys 540Wp X 28
Solar Inverter Growatt 15kw Three Phase On-grid Inverter,
Solar Structure Nut Bolt Based GI Structure for 28 Solar Modules
Connector Cables Polycab Solar DC Cable 4sqmm-50mtr. AC Wire 6sqmm 2core -50Mtr
Earthing System 2 Mtr. GI Earthing electrode with Chemical Bag / Single Core AC wire for Earthing.
Protection & Energy Meter DCDB 4IN 4OUT / ACDB Three Phase ,Lightning Arrester(LA) ,HPL Bidirectional meter & HPL generation meter.

*Installation Included

*DISCOM Net Metering Procedure Included.

If your electricity bill is above 18000 to 28000 then this Solar rooftop system will help you to reduce your electricity bill by 70% to 100%, depending upon your current electricity bill and your current tariff rate.

In this Solar rooftop system, solar panel will generate electricity in day time and runs your household appliances or any other electric equipment. At the same time it will also feedback excess generated electricity to DISCOM which we can use in night-time.

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