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Luminous Solar Inverter Price: Compare Prices & Models

The Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA is a top-notch solar inverter in Delhi NCR. It provides high-powered AC at 230V, 26A, and works with single phase systems. This inverter can handle up to 6000 Wp from solar panels with an input voltage range of 120-210V. It uses an MPPT charge controller to get 30% more power from the panels. Also, it has an isolation transformer to safeguard against grid issues. Plus, it has an LCD display, dual MCB protection, and is very safe to use. The Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA meets top safety and quality standards from around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • The Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA is a high-performance model with advanced features
  • It offers an MPPT charge controller for up to 30% more power extraction from solar panels
  • The inverter has a wide input voltage range and comprehensive safety protections
  • It is compliant with major national and international standards for safety and efficiency
  • The Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA is available at the best dealer price in Delhi NCR

Understanding Luminous Solar Inverters

Luminous solar inverters help power homes and businesses with their advanced design. They can handle up to 9600 Wp from panels and work with voltages between 160V and 1000V. An MPPT charge controller helps get the most power. With 97% efficiency, these inverters use smart algorithms and display everything on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Key Features and Specifications

Luminous inverters are made for top performance. They can work with many different solar panels, thanks to their wide input voltage range. The MPPT technology ensures your system gathers energy efficiently from the sun.

Wide Range of Models and Capacities

Luminous has many inverter models to fit any solar power need. They offer everything from small units for houses to big ones for companies. This variety means there’s a perfect match for every solar setup, residential or commercial.

Applications: Residential and Commercial

Luminous inverters power both homes and businesses effectively. No matter if it’s a single home or a large business, Luminous has the right inverter. It makes integrating your solar system simple and ensures you get the power you need.

luminous solar inverter features

Luminous Solar Inverter Price: Factors to Consider

When you look at the price of a Luminous solar inverter, there are key things to check. You need to think about the power capacity and battery requirements. They decide the right size and type of inverter for you.

The efficiency and charge controller technology matter too. For example, Luminous inverters use MPPT. This can really boost your system’s performance and save energy.

Power Capacity and Battery Requirements

The power capacity is crucial. Your inverter must fit your solar panel’s power. Luminous has many solar inverter models to pick from, from small for homes to big for businesses. Make sure the inverter matches your system’s needs for top performance.

Efficiency and Charge Controller Technology

The efficiency is key for energy savings. Luminous inverters use MPPT to get more power from your panels. They can make your system more efficient, saving you money over time.

Brand Reputation and Warranty

Luminous’ brand reputation and warranty are also crucial. They are a trusted brand in renewable energy. Their warranty shows they stand by their products, offering post-purchase support.

solar inverter power capacity

Considering these points helps you choose the best Luminous solar inverter for your needs. This way, you can be happy with your investment.

Comparing Luminous Solar Inverter Models

Luminous makes many solar inverter models for different needs. The luminous solar inverter NXT+ series is top-notch. It uses an MPPT charge controller to get more power from panels. It has a wide voltage range, LCD displays, and safety features.

GTI Series: Grid-Tied Solutions

The luminous solar inverter GTI series works with grid-tied systems. It connects well to the grid, is efficient without a transformer, and meets global standards.

Home UPS and Backup Power Solutions

Luminous also has luminous home UPS and backup power options. For example, the iCon 1100 and Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650 keep power flowing during outages.

When looking at comparing luminous solar inverters, you can find the ideal one. It could be for your home or a big project.


Luminous solar inverters are top-of-the-line for your energy needs. They work well for both homes and businesses. Luminous offers options for tying to the grid, going off-grid, or just managing your home’s power.

Knowing about Luminous inverters’ features and specs helps you choose wisely. You’ll get the most from your money by looking at what each model offers. Luminous makes sure their inverters are safe, high-quality, and meet all the necessary standards.

For both home and business projects, Luminous has a tailored solution. Their inverters can power a variety of places. Choose a Luminous inverter for lasting, green, and reliable energy.


What are the key features and specifications of the Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA?

The Luminous Solar Inverter NXT+ 7.5kVA works with 230V, 26A power in one phase. It supports up to 6000 Wp panel power. Its input accepts power from 120V to 210V. This inverter enhances solar power use by up to 30% with an MPPT charge controller. Plus, it has an isolation transformer to guard against grid issues. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen, double MCB protection, and is packed with safety features.

What are the key features and specifications of Luminous solar inverters in general?

Luminous solar inverters meet needs for home and business power. They can handle up to 9600 Wp of power. These inverters have an input range of 160V-1000V. This range supports their MPPT charge controller for maximum power use. Overall,
they are 97% efficient. Featuring advanced technology, like smart MPPT, high-frequency switching, and clear LCDs, they are reliable.

What factors should be considered when determining the price of a Luminous solar inverter?

Luminous solar inverters’ price depends on power, battery, efficiency, and the charge controller. The brand’s trustworthiness and its warranty also influence cost. These factors show the product’s quality, reliability, and customer support.

What are the different Luminous solar inverter models and their key features?

Luminous has various solar inverter models. The NXT+ series emphasizes more power extraction with its MPPT charge controller. The GTI series suits grid-connected systems with high efficiency. It complies with international standards. Luminous also provides home UPS and backup power units, for example, the iCon 1100 and Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650.

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