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Bescom Solar Rooftop: Unlock Renewable Energy Savings

The first step to using solar energy is understanding your BESCOM bill. BESCOM serves the Bangalore region in Karnataka, India. By looking at your bill, you can see how you use electricity and spot chances to save with solar panels.

Key Takeaways

  • BESCOM is the electricity distribution company for Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • Analyzing your BESCOM electricity bill can help you understand your energy consumption and identify savings opportunities.
  • Rooftop solar panels can offset your electricity costs and contribute to renewable energy goals.
  • BESCOM offers net metering and other incentives to promote residential solar installation.
  • Exploring solar rebates and tax credits can make rooftop solar more affordable.

Understanding Your BESCOM Electricity Bill

Living under BESCOM’s cover means your electricity bill is key. It shows how much power you use and what costs that brings. This info is vital if you’re thinking of using solar energy or installing solar panels on your roof. Your bill breaks down how much electricity you use. It also shows the charges you pay. This lets you see where you can save and understand your options for going solar.

Residential Tariff Categories and Slabs

BESCOM has a system of categories and slabs for your electricity charges. Each category has different rates and limits. Knowing about these can help lower your bill. It might also help you get benefits like net metering.

Sanctioned Load and Consumption Units

Your bill also mentions your ‘sanctioned load’. This is the most power your home can use at once. Knowing your sanctioned load and how much energy you use can guide you. It helps pick the right size system if you want solar panels.

Fixed Charges and Slab Rates

On top of your usage charges, you pay a fixed fee. This fee is part of your total bill. Knowing about these fixed costs helps you plan. You can see if you’ll save with solar rebates or if adding a solar battery makes sense.

Tariff Category Sanctioned Load Fixed Charges Slab Rates (per unit)
Domestic – LT2a Up to 5 kW ₹35
  • 0-30 units: ₹3.65
  • 31-100 units: ₹5.40
  • 101-200 units: ₹6.80
  • 201-300 units: ₹7.80
  • 301 and above: ₹8.20
Domestic – LT2b Above 5 kW ₹50
  • 0-30 units: ₹3.65
  • 31-100 units: ₹5.40
  • 101-200 units: ₹6.80
  • 201-300 units: ₹7.80
  • 301 and above: ₹8.20

Harnessing the Power of bescom solar rooftop

In the area served by BESCOM, we’re lucky. We can use the sun’s energy with solar panels on our roofs. This not only helps cut our electric bills. It also supports Karnataka’s dream of using more renewable power. Besides, we get to be part of a smart electric use system.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Having a rooftop solar system brings great things for homeowners and businesses. Here are some of the top reasons to consider it:

  • Long-term energy savings: With your own solar power, you rely less on the grid. This can cut your BESCOM electric bills.
  • Renewable energy contribution: You get to support Karnataka’s move to greener, sustainable energy.
  • Attractive financial incentives: The government offers tax benefits and rebates to encourage solar investment. This makes rooftop solar more affordable.
  • Increased property value: Solar panels add value to your home or business building.

Connecting with Solar Installation Companies

To take full advantage of the solar power on your rooftop, find trusted solar companies. They will create a system that fits your needs and site. They will take care of everything, even the storage of extra energy.

Karnataka’s Renewable Energy Initiatives

Karnataka’s government is very focused on renewable energy, like rooftop solar. It offers many ways to help residents and businesses go solar. These plans decrease energy bills and reduce the harm to our planet. By joining in, you can benefit a lot and do something good.

Key Renewable Energy Initiatives in Karnataka Description
Net Metering Scheme Allows homeowners and businesses to export surplus solar energy to the grid and receive credits on their BESCOM electricity bills.
Solar Rebates and Tax Credits Offers like discounts and tax breaks are there to push rooftop solar forward.
Solar Park Development Karnataka is building big sun-based energy areas to add to its green power.


The adoption of BESCOM solar rooftop solutions changes the game for those in Karnataka. It lets homeowners and businesses tap into renewable energy. This move also cuts down on electricity costs significantly. By knowing how your BESCOM electricity bill works and using solar energy solutions, you can save money over time. You’ll also be helping with the state’s push for more renewable energy and its net metering plans.

Thinking about adding rooftop solar panels to your house or business? The positives stack up. You can get solar rebates and cut your taxes. Plus, you’re supporting Karnataka’s dreams for solar battery storage and more rooftop solar systems.

Starting your BESCOM solar rooftop project means being part of something bigger. Karnataka’s renewable energy initiatives and the variety of solar installation companies are ready to help. With the right advice and a green focus, you’re on the path to a brighter, more efficient future. For yourself and your neighbors, it’s a win.


What is the first step in harnessing the power of solar energy?

The first step to solar power is understanding your BESCOM electricity bill. BESCOM serves Bangalore in Karnataka, India. By looking at your bill, you can see how much power you use. This helps find ways to cut costs with solar panels on your roof.

What key elements should I understand in my BESCOM electricity bill?

Your BESCOM bill shows a lot about your power use and costs. You should look at what tariff you’re in, how much power you use, and what you pay for it. Understanding these details is key to planning for solar power.

What are the benefits of rooftop solar panel installation for residential and commercial consumers in the BESCOM jurisdiction?

For homes and businesses in BESCOM’s area, solar panels are a great way to save money and help the planet. They mean lower bills, less pollution, and a push towards more renewable energy. You might also get some nice tax breaks.

How can I connect with solar installation companies to harness the power of BESCOM solar rooftop?

To set up solar panels with BESCOM, start by finding well-reviewed solar companies in Bangalore. Learn what they offer and how they can help you. Make sure to keep up with any local renewable energy plans for possible extra help.

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