3kw on grid solar system price in India with subsidy

3kw On Grid Solar System Price in India with Subsidy

Solar power offers a budget-friendly way to get electricity for your home. Both homes and businesses are choosing solar systems. In the future, solar might replace traditional energy sources. A 3kW system can power a small house or business. It typically has 8 to 11 panels. In sunny weather, it generates 12kWh per day. So, you might get about 360 kWh of electricity each month.

Key Takeaways

  • 3kW on-grid solar systems can meet the energy needs of small homes and businesses
  • These systems typically have 8-11 solar panels and generate 12kWh of power per day
  • The monthly electricity supply from a 3kW system is around 360 kWh on average
  • Solar is an affordable and efficient way to generate free electricity for your home or business
  • Government solar subsidies and incentives can make 3kW on-grid solar systems even more cost-effective

Introduction to 3kW On-Grid Solar Systems

In recent years, the move towards renewable energy has picked up speed. Solar power stands out as a key player in this revolution. The 3kW on-grid solar system is widely used for homes and businesses. It helps reduce the need for grid electricity. Plus, it brings many benefits, making it a top choice for those looking into solar power investment and residential solar solutions.

What is a 3kW On-Grid Solar System?

This system can generate up to 3 kilowatts (kW) of power. It works alongside the electrical grid. Homeowners and businesses use it to power up when needed. They can also send any extra power back to the grid. This way, they can earn solar rebates and tax credits.

How Does a 3kW On-Grid Solar System Work?

The system has solar panels, an inverter, and a net meter. Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. An inverter changes this into the kind of electricity you use in your home or can send back to the grid. A net meter tracks how much electricity you use and how much goes back. This helps in earning government solar subsidies and renewable energy incentives.

3kW on-grid solar system

Using the sun’s energy, this system cuts down your need for grid power. This means lower solar panel costs and electric bills for you. The process of installing this system on your roof is also easy. It’s a great choice for both homes and businesses wanting to go for clean energy financing and renewable energy solutions.

Factors Affecting 3kw On-Grid Solar System Price in India

The cost of a 3kW on-grid solar system in India can vary. This depends on several factors. These include the type of solar panels, the quality of components, and the mounting structure. They affect the overall price of installing a 3kW system at home.

Prices for a 3kW solar system range from Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 in India. The difference in cost is because of various qualities and efficiencies of solar panels. It also includes extra parts like inverters, batteries, and the mounting gear.

Understanding the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) for 3kW solar systems is helpful. The CFA can aid with the cost of the system:

System Capacity CFA Amount CFA Percentage
Up to 3kW Rs. 20,000 per kW 40% of the benchmark cost
Above 3kW and up to 10kW Rs. 15,000 per kW 40% of the benchmark cost

The Indian government offers help for on-grid solar in residential areas. Homeowners installing a 3kW system can check the National Rooftop Solar website. This is where they apply for subsidies and follow their subsidy application progress.

Besides government aid, there are renewable energy incentives and solar rebates and tax credits. These can lower the 3kW solar system’s cost further. The available incentives often depend on local and state policies. It is wise to look into the options in your area.

The final cost of a 3kW on-grid solar in India incorporates several key elements. These include the specific components, installation fees, and available government and other incentives. Homeowners can make a wise choice after considering these aspects for their renewable energy needs.

3kw on grid solar system price in India with subsidy

Solar energy in India is becoming more affordable thanks to government support. Homeowners can get help through the Central Financial Assistance (CFA). This subsidy cuts the initial cost of installing a 3kW solar system.

The table below shows how much you could save on a 3kW solar system. The government’s financial aid makes it easier for people to switch to solar power. This is especially helpful for those looking to make a green change at home.

System Capacity Subsidy per Watt Subsidy Amount for 3kW System Approximate Cost of 3kW System after Subsidy
Up to 3kW ₹20 per Watt ₹60,000 ₹1,40,000
3kW to 10kW ₹15 per Watt ₹45,000 ₹1,55,000

For Indians looking to install solar panels, there’s a chance to save big. By visiting the National Portal for Rooftop Solar, homeowners can apply for subsidies online. This step-by-step process lets them follow their installation’s progress without leaving their homes.

“The government’s solar rebates and tax credits have made grid-tied solar systems a more attractive renewable energy investment for residential solar solutions in India.”

These government solar subsidies are beneficial for Indian families. They help reduce the cost of going solar with a 3kW system. This way, more people can enjoy the perks of clean energy at home.


Solar energy is green and doesn’t pollute. Solar panels last over 25 years but can be 70% efficient or lower after that. Even so, they’re a good deal because they keep running. Plus, a 3kW solar system in India with subsidy isn’t too expensive for most families.

In India, homeowners see their solar power investment pay off in 6-8 years. This is because of the savings from their grid-tied solar systems. The government helps a lot with its solar subsidies and renewable energy incentives. They make residential solar solutions cheaper and help with clean energy financing and getting solar rebates and tax credits.

More and more people want energy that’s green and budget-friendly. This makes 3kW on-grid solar systems in India more popular. Homeowners find it a smart move to invest in solar. They get help with solar panel costs and rooftop solar installation. Doing this cuts their carbon footprint and saves them money in the long run.


What is a 3kW On-Grid Solar System?

A 3kW on-grid solar system powers small homes or businesses. It has 8-11 solar panels. In sunny weather, it can create up to 12kWh of power daily.

How Does a 3kW On-Grid Solar System Work?

Solar panels use the sun’s rays to create electricity. This happens thanks to the photovoltaic effect. The electricity flows from the panels into an inverter. The inverter changes it from DC to AC, which is what your home uses.

What Factors Affect the 3kW On-Grid Solar System Price in India?

The cost of this system in India varies. It’s based on the panels, their quality, and the mounting structure. The presence of government help, like subsidies, can also lower the price.

What is the 3kW On-Grid Solar System Price in India with Subsidy?

Initially, this solar system may cost between Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 in India. But, with subsidies, the cost can be much less. This makes solar energy affordable for both homes and businesses.

How Can I Apply for the Solar Subsidy in India?

To apply for the subsidy in India, visit the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. You can handle the entire application online. This includes tracking your submission’s progress.

What are the Benefits of a 3kW On-Grid Solar System?

This system offers eco-friendly, renewable power. It cuts down on your electricity bill. Plus, solar panels last over 25 years, meaning they’re a smart financial choice over time.

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