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2HP Solar Water Pump Price in India | Solar Pumping System

Solar powered irrigation pumps use the sun’s energy to pump water, making them both green and efficient. They work wonders in remote areas without usual power. These pumps turn sunlight into power, running the pump that lifts water up for farmland irrigation or human and livestock drinking.

Seen in residential and commercial uses and for irrigation of agricultural land, solar water pump systems cut energy costs by using the sun. They don’t rely on burning fuel. Instead, they utilize the powerful energy of the sun for pumping water.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar water pumps are an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution for water extraction and distribution.
  • They are valuable in remote areas with limited access to conventional power sources.
  • Solar water pumps convert solar energy into electricity to drive the pump and raise water.
  • Solar water pumping systems are used in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.
  • Solar panels help eliminate the cost of energy and provide a renewable energy source for pumping water.

Understanding Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar water pumps provide eco-friendly and energy-efficient ways to extract and distribute water. They use sunlight to function. These pumps are perfect for places with no reliable power source.

What is a Solar Water Pump?

A solar water pump manufacturers in india  and it works by using the sun’s energy to operate. It moves water from low areas to high places. By turning sunlight into power, it can lift water for many uses.

Benefits of Using Solar Water Pumps

Using solar borewell pump prices saves money on energy . They tap into renewable solar power instead of burning fuel. They are great for homes, businesses, and farms, providing water for crops or people and animals.

Components of a Solar Water Pumping System

These systems mainly include solar cell modules and a pump powered by them. They also have a place to store or distribute the water. Together, they use the sun’s energy to move water to its needed spot.

solar water pumping systems

2 hp Solar Water Pump Price in India

The cost of  2 HP solar water pump  in India varies. This variation is due to different brands, motor features, solar panel size, and extra parts in the system.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a 2 HP Solar Water Pump

In India, the price for a 2 HP solar water pump cost  typically falls between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 33,000. This price range changes depending on the pump’s design, motor type, voltage, and pressure capacity.

Average Price Range for 2 HP Solar Water Pumps in India

Manufacturers such as Falcon and GreenHouse Solar Power Solution sell advanced 2 HP models. These models boast high pressure, DC motors, and safety features against various faults.

Model Pump Type Motor Phase Voltage Price Range (INR)
Falcon 2 HP Solar Water Pump Submersible Single-phase 230V 28,000 – 30,000
GreenHouse Solar Power Solution 2 HP Surface Three-phase 380V 30,000 – 33,000

Installation and Maintenance of Solar Water Pumps

Setting up and keeping a photovoltaic water pumps running well needs careful installation and regular care. To start, choose the right spot for your solar pump installation. This place should get a lot of sunny weather and have enough water.

The solar panels and pump must be set to catch the sun all day. This way, they work the best.

Site Selection and Installation Considerations

Choosing the best site for your solar pump is key. The spot should be sunny without any shadows. Solar panels need clear sunlight all day to work right. Also, water should be easy to get to and always available.

To get the most from your system, solar panel water pump kits must be installed correctly. Make sure the solar panels are facing the sun and are at the best angle. Also, secure the panels and pump. Indian solar water pump manufacturers can help with this.

Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Keeping up with renewable energy water pumps is important to make them last and work well. Clean the solar panels often to keep them free from dirt. Check the electrical parts and watch how the pump is doing. Look for any issues, like less water being pumped or if the motor is failing.

For troubleshooting, first see if you can find out what’s wrong. It might be a water leak, clogged filters, or parts not working right. Manufacturers will give you tips on how to fix these problems. This will help your solar borewell pump keep working well.


Solar water pumps are a smart and green way to get water, especially where power is hard to find. They use the sun’s energy to pump water for irrigation, watering animals, and more. This makes them a great choice for farmers, towns, and companies wanting to cut down on traditional energy use and use green tech.

Photovoltaic water pumps and solar powered irrigation pumps are good for the planet and save money. They work by using the sun’s power for pulling up water. This means they are a great, green option for meeting all kinds of water needs.

The world is turning more to sustainable energy options, and solar water pumps are part of that shift, especially in India. They offer a way to tackle the water struggles many face. With these pumps getting cheaper and showing their value, the future of water management is looking more eco-friendly and secure.


What is a solar water pump?

A solar water pump is a green way to extract and distribute water. It works on solar power. This makes it a great choice for places without reliable power.

What are the benefits of using solar water pumps?

Solar water pumps save on energy costs. They use the sun’s energy, not fuels. This makes them good for homes, farms, and commercial use.

What are the main components of a solar water pumping system?

The key parts are solar panels, an electric pump, and a water system. The panels turn sunlight into power. This powers the pump to move water, which is then stored or sent where needed.

What factors affect the cost of a 2 HP solar water pump in India?

Many things can change the price of a 2 HP solar water pump in India. The brand, motor, solar panels, and extra parts all matter.

What is the average price range for a 2 HP solar water pump in India?

The price is usually between Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 33,000. It can change based on the type of pump, motor, and pressure it needs.

What should be considered when installing a solar water pump?

Choosing the right place for the pump and panels is crucial. They need full sunlight. Make sure there’s enough water and that everything is set up properly.

What is involved in the maintenance of solar water pumps?

Maintenance means keeping the panels clean and checking wires. You should also watch how the pump works. Fix any problems fast to keep things running well.

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