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Tata Solar Panel Price: Get the Best Deals Today.

India is on the verge of a solar revolution. Tata Power Solar stands at the vanguard, pushing towards sustainable energy solutions. They offer various finance plans for homes, easying on rooftop solar solutions investment. These investments not only save money but also help the planet.

Tata Power Solar is the top choice in India. It’s been the leading Solar Rooftop EPC Company for eight consecutive years. With over 30 years of experience and 1100+ MW installations under its belt, the company promises quality. They’re known for their unwavering commitment to renewable energy.

This company ensures you’re covered night and day with 24/7 service support. It’s all about ensuring your peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Tata Power Solar is a leading provider of tata solar panel price and solar energy solutions in India.
  • The company offers a variety of financing options for residential customers, making it easier to invest in tata solar system.
  • Tata Power Solar is known for its quality, reliability, and commitment to renewable energy investment.
  • The company has over 30 years of experience and 1100+ MW of installations, making it a trusted brand in the industry.
  • Tata Power Solar provides 24/7 service support for customer satisfaction.

Understanding Tata Solar Panel Prices

Tata Power Solar is a key player in the solar market. It’s known for its strong focus on quality and dependability. The brand makes its own modules and cells, with huge production capacities.

Over the last two decades, Tata Solar has delivered over 1.7 GW of modules worldwide. These panels are praised for being durable against twisting, wear, and tear. They feature tough aluminum frames and are checked for microcracks, ensuring long-term performance.

Tata Solar: A Trusted Brand in the Solar Industry

The Solar panel cost of Tata  changes based on a few things. This includes whether the panel is monocrystalline or polycrystalline, its power output, and how many cells it has. Other factors, like financial help from the government, installation expenses, and how much people want solar power, also play a role.

Factors Influencing Solar Panel Prices

Several elements can alter the cost of Tata solar panels. This includes the type of panel, its power, and the number of cells. Things like government support, setup costs, and the general interest in solar energy impact the final price too.

tata solar panel price

In India, Tata Solar Panel prices start from Rs 27 per watt and go up to Rs 250 per watt. These prices vary based on the model and features. The Tata Solar Panel Price List shows options from 50 watts to 330 watts.

For instance, a 50-watt panel costs around Rs 2,400, while a 330-watt panel is about Rs 10,560. Tata’s panels are famous for being reliable and efficient, working well in all weather types. They also come with a 25-year warranty.

Tata Solar Power System Solutions

Tata Power Solar provides solar power systems for homes and businesses. Each system includes Tata Solar panels, grid-tie residential solar installation inverters, and support structures. You also get cables and systems for monitoring.

These systems range from 1 kW to 10 kW in size. Prices begin at Rs 90,000 for a 1 kW system and peak at Rs 540,000 for a 10 kW system.

Government Subsidies and Incentives

The Indian government backs solar energy by offering subsidies and benefits. Customers buying Tata Solar Power Systems can get a 40% subsidy, capped at 3 kW. For any additional kW, there’s a 20% subsidy.

These subsidies cut down the cost, making solar energy a more attractive choice for both homes and businesses.

Choosing the Right Tata Solar Panel for Your Needs

Tata Power Solar offers many commercial solar projects panel choices for homes. These vary in size from 1 kW up to 6 kW. Each system comes with solar panels, inverters, and more. They can make between 1,400 and 14,000 units of energy each year. The amount depends on your roof and the system chosen. Tata Power Solar’s systems are made especially for each home’s needs.

Residential Solar Panel Solutions

Tata Power Solar has solutions just for homes. You can pick from a 1 kW up to a 6 kW system. They help cut your electricity bill and are kind to the environment. The best part is? They fit your budget and your energy needs.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Solutions

For bigger places like stores or factories, Tata Power Solar has solutions too. These systems go from 8 kW to 10 kW. They make a lot of energy, between 8,400 and 14,000 units a year. They fit the needs of businesses and big sites. These systems use solar power to help lower bills and be eco-friendly.


Tata Power Solar is a big name in India’s solar sector. They focus on top-notch quality and new ideas. Their solar technology advancements are great for homes, companies, and big factories. These panels help cut down on pollution by using the sun’s power.

Want to light up your home or business? Tata Power Solar has what you need. They offer many products and help from the government to get you started. With more than 30 years in business, they’re a trusted choice.

With Tata Solar, you get power you can always count on. Plus, you’re helping India go green. By teaming up with Tata Power Solar, you join the nation’s journey towards a cleaner future. Tata is leading the way, showing everyone how easy and smart solar power truly is.


What makes Tata Power Solar a trusted brand in the solar industry?

Tata Power Solar tops as India’s Most Trusted Brand in the solar field. They have held the #1 spot in Solar Rooftop EPC for 8 years. With over 30 years of experience, they have installed more than 1100 MW. They’re known for their 24/7 customer support, ensuring peace of mind.

What factors influence the price of Tata Solar panels?

The cost of Tata Solar panels changes based on certain factors. This includes the panel’s type (monocrystalline or polycrystalline), its wattage, and cell count. Also, prices can be influenced by government support, setup expenses, and the solar energy market’s demand.

What is the price range of Tata Solar panels in India?

In India, Tata Solar Panels are priced between Rs 27 to Rs 250 per watt. Prices vary based on specific models and features. You can find panels from 50 watts to 330 watts in the Tata Solar Panel Price List. Costs start at Rs 2,400 for a 50-watt panel and go up to Rs 10,560 for a 330-watt panel.

What kind of solar power system solutions does Tata Power Solar offer?

Tata Power Solar sells solar solutions for homes and businesses. Their systems include Tata solar panel brands, grid-tie solar inverters, and more. You can get sets from 1 kW to 10 kW in size. These solutions help in both small and large-scale energy production.

What government subsidies and incentives are available for Tata Solar Power System solutions?

The Indian government supports solar energy with various incentives. For Tata Solar systems, you can get a 40% subsidy for up to 3 kW. Every extra kW brings a 20% subsidy. These help make solar power more budget-friendly for everyone.

What kind of residential solar panel solutions does Tata Power Solar offer?

Tata Power Solar offers many options for homes. Their systems range from 1 kW to 6 kW. Each setup includes what you need, like solar panels and inverters. Depending on your roof, these systems can produce between 1,400 to 14,000 units of electricity yearly.

What commercial and industrial solar panel solutions does Tata Power Solar provide?

For bigger projects, Tata Power Solar offers systems from 8 kW to 10 kW. These systems are for businesses and industries. They include high-capacity solar panels and inverters. You can expect them to produce between 8,400 and 14,000 units of electricity each year.

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