solar water pump price list

Solar Water Pump Price List: Compare Costs & Save Big

A renewable energy water pump solutions uses the sun to pump water. It’s called a Solar water Pumping Systems, Solar Submersible Pump, and Solar Pump. This technology needs a solar panel, solar inverter, and controller. Sometimes, it includes a solar battery. They save money by not using grid electricity and help the planet by making smaller carbon footprints.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar water pumps help pump water where there’s no grid. They save money and cut carbon footprints.
  • They use solar panels and a pump to work. Solar power lifts the water.
  • Solar water pumps cost less to run than normal ones. They also lower carbon footprints.
  • In India, prices for solar water pumps change based on the kind, size, and brand.
  • Looking at different solar water pump costs can find you the best deal for saving money.

Understanding Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps use the sun’s energy to move water. They have three main parts: solar panels, a solar submersible pump, and a controller. Together, these parts work to deliver water in a way that’s good for the environment and saves money.

What is a Solar Water Pump?

A solar water pump relies on solar panels to work. These panels have many small silicon cells that catch sunlight. They turn this light into electricity. This power makes the pump lift water from a well, borehole, or other water source.

Components of a Solar Water Pumping System

The essential pieces of a solar water pump system include solar panels, the pump (which may run with DC or AC power), and a pump controller. The controller makes sure the electricity from the solar panels powers the pump efficiently. It keeps the system working well.

Benefits of Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps don’t need grid electricity to run. This makes them perfect for remote places. Here, there’s no other power source around. What’s more, solar pumps are kind to the planet. They don’t emit greenhouse gases. So, they help lessen the impact on the environment.

Types of Solar Water Pumps

When looking at solar water pumps, you have several options. Each type like DC solar submersible pumps or AC solar submersible pumps has its unique benefits. Solar surface pumps are another choice. Knowing the differences helps you pick the right one for your needs.

DC Solar Submersible Pumps

DC solar submersible pumps work well for pulling water from deep places. They go right into the water, great for boreholes or wells. With power coming straight from solar panels, they’re reliable and efficient. No inverter is needed.

AC Solar Submersible Pumps

AC solar submersible pumps are more adaptable. They run on both solar and regular electricity. This means they can pump water anytime, even at night. They’re a good choice for many uses.

Solar Surface Pumps

Solar surface pumps are placed above ground water like in ponds or shallow wells. They’re easier to set up and take care of than submersible types. For small farming or watering animals, they are often the top pick.

No matter the solar water pump you go for, you’ll enjoy lower power bills and better environmental friendliness. They also improve water availability in remote places. Think about what you need, and select the right types of solar water pumps.

types of solar water pumps

solar water pump price list

When looking at the solar water pump cost list several things play a crucial role. The prices for both DC solar pump and AC solar pump can change. This change depends on the pump type, its power, and what it can do.

DC Solar Pump Price List

DC solar pumps use solar panels directly and don’t need an extra inverter. They are cost-efficient and seen in many uses. In India, the DC solar pump price list starts from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000. This depends on the pump’s size and features.

AC Solar Pump Price List

AC solar pumps need a solar inverter to convert power. This makes them a bit more costly. The AC solar deep well pump prices list varies between ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000. The price changes with the model and its abilities.

Factors Affecting Solar Pump Prices

Many things decide the photovoltaic water pump pricing, like size and power. The brand and features can also make prices change. The cost of the whole solar system, including panels, inverters, and more, also matters.

Pump Type Typical Price Range (₹) Key Factors
DC Solar Pumps 30,000 – 1,00,000 Pump size, power output, brand, features
AC Solar Pumps 50,000 – 2,00,000 Pump size, power output, brand, features, solar inverter cost

Always think about what your project needs in a solar pump. Look through the solar irrigation  pump prices list carefully. This way, you can find the best and most budget-friendly option for you.

solar pump price


Solar water pumps are changing the game by providing water in places without reliable power. They use the sun to work, which is both cheap and good for the Earth. These pumps help people access water without added energy costs or harming the environment.

The summary of solar water pump price and benefits shows how useful they are. There are different types to choose from, like DC submersible or AC submersible, based on how much water you need and how deep it is. Not only that, but their solar powered water pumps price list makes them affordable for many, especially in India.

People are looking for water solutions that work off the grid and are kind to the planet. That’s why solar water pumps are becoming more popular. They let communities use sunlight to get the water they need, which helps save money and the environment.


What is a solar water pump?

A solar water pump uses the sun’s energy to lift water. It’s known by a few names, like Solar Water Pumping System. It includes a solar panel, inverter, and controller, and sometimes a battery.

How does a solar water pump work?

Solar panels gather sunlight and turn it into electricity. This electricity powers the water pump. The pump works when sunlight hits the solar panel. It connects directly and starts to lift the water.

What are solar submersible pumps used for?

Solar submersible pumps help get water from deep underground. They work well in places where you need to pull water from over 15 meters down. In places like India, where wells are often deep, these pumps are very useful.

What are the drawbacks of DC water pumps?

DC water pumps work only when the sun is shining. They directly use solar power, not needing a solar inverter. If you need water pumped at night, adding a solar battery can keep them running. This is their main limitation.

What are the benefits of solar water pumps?

Solar water pumps are great for places off the grid. They use the sun, which saves money and helps the environment. They’re perfect for remote areas needing water without electricity access.

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