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Solar Rooftop Portal | Easy Installation for Home Solar

The solar rooftop portal makes it easy to apply for and keep track of rooftop solar setup. It helps people from the start when they apply to the moment they get financial help in their bank. An online tool from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) lets consumers check how much power they can make with solar panels. They can also see how much it might cost based on their needs.

India’s interest in solar energy development comes from many reasons. These include running low on traditional energy sources, caring for local environments and communities, and security worries. By investing in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, India found a smart way to use its sunny weather. This tech is great because it’s flexible, uses the sun for free, and lasts up to 30 years.

Key Takeaways

  • The solar rooftop portal makes installing solar simple for homeowners.
  • It allows for online application and lets people track their progress, from applying to getting subsidies.
  • A handy calculator lets users figure out how much power they can generate or how much it might cost.
  • India is pushing green energy resources to deal with low energy supplies, help the environment, and combat climate change.
  • Solar PV is catching on due to India’s sunny climate, its flexible nature, and the savings from not needing fuel.

Understanding the Solar Rooftop Portal

The solar rooftop portal helps residential consumers in installing rooftop solar systems. It makes the process easier. With this online portal, you can submit your application and keep track of it until you get your subsidies.

Online Submission and Tracking Process

This portal makes installing solar roofs easy. Homeowners can submit their applications and follow their projects online. It ensures transparency and efficiency, letting users know their application’s status.

Solar Rooftop Online Calculator

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offers an online calculator on the portal. This tool estimates your solar system’s power generation. It considers your budget and roof’s space.

The solar rooftop portal gives you the tools to make wise choices. You can find rooftop solar calculators perfect for your needs. It also offers access to solar incentives and rebates and the online solar marketplace.

solar rooftop portal

solar rooftop portal: Streamlining the Installation Process

The solar rooftop portal makes it easy for people to install renewable energy solutions at home. It allows customers to apply for rooftop solar plants directly. This means that people can start by getting approval for their plan from the local DISCOM.

After getting this approval, customers can then install their solar panels. The portal also has a list of approved firms for the job. Homeowners can use this list to find reliable service providers for their solar installations.

In India’s Uttar Pradesh, the government aims to reach 10,700 MW of solar power by 2022. A big part, 4,300 MW, is set to come from decentralized and rooftop-scale solar projects. The solar rooftop portal helps a lot in reaching this green energy goal.


The solar rooftop portal makes it easy for people in India to get solar systems for their homes. They can do everything online. This includes applying, checking progress, and finding incentives and trusted sellers. This way, more homeowners can help India reach its renewable energy goals while saving money and the planet with clean power.

The website is easy to use and full of helpful information. It helps people learn about green energy and clean power technologies. With more people using rooftop solar, India’s energy use will change a lot. It means less need for fossil fuels and more sustainable living solutions.

In summary, the solar rooftop portal is a big step for India’s renewable energy future. Using this platform lets consumers be key in creating a greener, more independent energy future. This is good news for both their local areas and the whole country.


What is the Solar Rooftop Portal?

The Solar Rooftop Portal is a website. It helps people install solar plants on their rooftops. It guides them from start to finish, including applying for and getting subsidies in their bank accounts.

What features does the Solar Rooftop Portal offer?

It includes a tool from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). This tool helps users figure out how much power they can make. Also, it shows the costs for installing solar panels based on roof space.

How can consumers apply for a rooftop solar plant?

To start, consumers should seek Rooftop Solar Feasibility Approval from their local Distribution Company (DISCOM). After getting this approval, they can start installing the solar system.

Where can consumers find a list of approved solar rooftop installation firms?

The Solar Rooftop Portal has a list of firms approved for solar plant installation. This list helps consumers find trusted and authorized vendors.

What are the renewable energy goals for the state of Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh aims to reach 10,700 MW of solar power by 2022. Of this, 4,300 MW should come from solar projects on rooftops and in decentralized areas.

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