Rotosol Solar Pump: Efficient Water Pumping Solutions

The Rotosol solar pump is your go-to for efficient and eco-friendly water pumping. It uses renewable energy for sustainable irrigation and off-grid water supply. Rotosol is a top choice, thanks to its quality and high performance. Their solar water pumps work great for various needs, like drinking water, irrigation, and fun.

rotosol solar pump

Key Takeaways

  • Rotosol offers efficient, eco-friendly solar powered pumps for sustainable water solutions
  • Rotosol pumps are known for their high-quality and high-performance, built with a focus on quality
  • Rotosol’s solar panel water pumps are versatile, suitable for drinking water, irrigation, and leisure applications
  • Rotosol provides reliable and trouble-free operation for renewable energy pump solutions
  • Rotosol’s photovoltaic pump system is an ideal choice for off-grid water solution and sustainable irrigation

Introduction to Rotosol Solar Pumps

Rotosol solar pumps are made to have high reliability and efficiency. They are perfect for water pumping in a sustainable way. These pumps use PMDC motors that are very efficient, safe, and need less care. They connect directly to the solar PV array. This makes them work without electronics or batteries, which keeps the operation simple and reliable.

Reliable and Efficient Solar-Powered Pumping

Rotosol solar pumps offer top-notch efficiency and reliability. They work well for many water pumping jobs. The PMDC motors bring outstanding performance and last a long time. Since they connect straight to the solar PV array, there’s no need for extra gadgets or batteries. This means a setup that’s easy and dependable.

Versatile Applications: Irrigation, Drinking Water, and More

Rotosol solar water pump can do a lot. They’re great for irrigation like flood, drip, or sprinkler systems, and watering livestock and plants in greenhouses. They also help with getting drinking water by pulling it up from boreholes or underground places. You can store this water in tanks above. Besides, these pumps fit well for fun times. They keep the water moving and clean in pools and spas, be they at home or a business.

versatile solar water pump

Rotosol Solar Pump: Comprehensive Range

Rotosol has a wide range of surface pumps. They work well when the suction head can’t be more than 7 meters. These pumps have a simple design with the impeller connected directly to the motor. They can move more water compared to submersible pumps when at 20 meters TDH.

The surface pumps are great for canal irrigation, drip, or sprinkler systems. They can also move water over long distances.

Submersible Pumps: Deep Well Solutions

The deep well solar powered pump from Rotosol work from a 150Wp to 10,000Wp PV array. They are built with stainless steel AISI 304 and have strong laser-welded impellers. These pumps use either BLDC or AC motors.

The BLDC motors are powerful, efficient, and last long. They have safety features against various issues like reverse polarity and dry running. This includes fault diagnostic tools.

Controllers and Features: MPPT, Fault Diagnostics, and More

Rotosol’s solar pumps come with smart controllers. These controllers use MPPT to maximize water output. They can handle different sunlight levels well.

The controllers can spot problems like low voltage and dry running. They protect against these issues and have IP55-rated enclosures. This means they are safe to use outdoors. The controllers also turn back on by themselves when there are power interruptions.


Rotosol solar pumps give efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly water pumping solutions. They are great for many uses like irrigation, drinking water, and fun. Rotosol offers a full range of pumps, controllers, all focusing on quality.

For big projects or in remote places, Rotosol’s pumps are a top pick. They work well and last long, all while running on solar energy. This choice is good for a brighter, greener future, especially in India.

Rotosol keeps getting better, offering the latest in solar water pumps. They bring new tech that makes pumps work better, need less care, and keep water coming. As people look more to renewable energy, Rotosol is here with reliable, affordable, and green water solutions for everyone in India.


What are the key features of Rotosol solar pumps?

Rotosol solar panel water pump are known for being dependable, efficient, and good for the planet. They use advanced motors known for their high efficiency and reliability. These eco-friendly pumping  are directly powered by solar panels, without needing extra electronics or batteries. This makes them simple and dependable to use.

What are the applications of Rotosol solar pumps?

These pumps can work in many different ways. They’re great for watering fields, lawns, or gardens. You can also use them for providing water to animals or in greenhouses. Plus, they’re perfect for keeping swimming pools clean and for other fun water activities.

What are the different types of Rotosol solar pumps?

Rotosol offers both surface and submersible pumps. Surface pumps work well when water needs to be lifted no more than 7 meters and can push more water over a longer distance. Submersible pumps are placed inside the water source, like a well, and use solar panels from 150Wp to 10,000Wp. They’re also very durable, made with stainless steel.

What features do Rotosol solar pump controllers offer?

The controllers that come with comma separated: Rotosol solar pump are really smart. They use MPPT logic to give you the most water by adjusting the voltage and current from the solar panels. They can also warn you if something’s wrong, like if the voltage gets too low or there’s no water. These controllers work well outside, have dry running protection, and can restart by themselves.

What makes Rotosol solar pumps a sustainable water pumping solution?

Rotosol pumps are run on renewable energy. This means they help protect the environment and are good for many uses, like watering, drinking, or just for fun. They don’t need a lot of looking after, and with their high quality, they are a smart choice for saving money and water.

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