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1 MW Solar Power Plant Cost – Solar Energy Solutions

Big solar power systems, over 100kW, are known as Solar Power Stations or Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants. A 1 MW solar plant can power a big business on its own. It needs about 4 to 5 acres of land. This solar farm makes around 4,000 kWh of power every day. Any extra power can be sold to the government through net metering.

Key Takeaways

  • A 1 MW solar panel installation costs between ₹4 to ₹5 crores to set up.
  • The key components include solar panels, solar inverter, combiners, junction boxes, protective gear, SCADA, and land.
  • A 1 MW solar power plant can generate 4,000 kWh of electricity per day, 120,000 kWh per month, and renewable energy project costs 14,40,000 kWh per year.
  • The government pays approximately ₹3.85 per unit of electricity generated by a 1 MW solar power plant.
  • Businesses can benefit from accelerated depreciation and tax incentives on their solar power installations.

Understanding 1 MW Solar Power Plant

Solar panels at a 1 MW solar power plant are key. They turn sunlight into clean electricity. The panels are covered with solar cells made of silicon. These cells create electricity when sunlight hits them. This process, known as the ‘Photovoltaic Effect,’ leads to the production of electricity for daily use.

What is a 1 MW Solar Power Plant?

A 1 MW solar power plant is a big solar system. It can power a whole business on its own. It covers 4 to 5 acres of land. Every day, it can make 4,000 kWh of cheap electricity. This adds up to 1,440,000 kWh every year. That’s enough to meet the needs of many businesses while helping the environment.

How Does a 1 MW Solar Power Plant Work?

The placement of solar panels is key in a 1 MW solar plant. They are set up to catch the most sunlight, especially at peak times. After that, the generated energy goes through wires to an inverter. This inverter changes the electricity from DC to AC. Now, it’s ready to be used by the nearby appliances and electronics.

1 MW Solar Power Plant Cost in India

Building a 1MW solar plant in India costs about ₹4 to ₹5 crores. The cost changes based on many things. The solar panels are the main part. They usually use Crystalline solar panels. The kind called monocrystalline is better but costs more.

But,  solar panel are not the only thing needed. To make the best solar plant for a business, other things are necessary. This includes the solar mounting structure, solar inverter, and solar batteries if needed. Also, parts like cables and fuses are important. How everything is put together affects the cost of the 1 MW solar power plant in India.

Key Factors Influencing 1 MW Solar Power Plant Cost Details
Solar Panels Monocrystalline solar panels have higher efficiency but cost more than polycrystalline panels.
Mounting Structure The type of mounting system (fixed tilt, single-axis, or dual-axis tracking) affects the cost.
Inverters Larger capacity inverters required for a 1 MW plant are more expensive than smaller ones.
Balance of System Cables, fuses, MCBs, and distribution boxes add to the overall system cost.
Land Acquisition A 1 MW ground-mounted solar plant requires around 1,00,000 square feet of land.
Installation and Commissioning The labor and logistics costs for setting up a 1 MW plant can be significant.

By picking the right pieces and planning carefully, businesses can get a cost-effective 1 MW solar power plant in India that fits their needs.

1 MW solar power plant cost

Key Specifications of a 1 MW Solar Plant

A 1 MW solar power plant is a big step in green energy. It gives clean power to big companies. It’s good to know what makes it work for firms interested in going green.

Components of a 1 MW Solar Power Plant

The heart of a 1 MW plant is its solar panels. It also has a mounting structure, inverter, and sometimes batteries. This system moves the sun’s power into electric energy for use.

Energy Output and Land Requirement

This plant can make 4,000 kWh each day. photovoltaic system pricing 120,000 kWh every month and 1,440,000 kWh every year. It needs about 4 to 5 acres of land. So, it’s a big deal for both the amount of power it can make and the space it needs.

Types of 1 MW Solar Power Plants

All industrial photovoltaic system quotes of solar plants work on the ‘Photovoltaic Effect’. In India, businesses have three choices for 1 MW solar power plants. They can pick from on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid systems. Each system type uses different solar components. This impacts the cost of setting up a 1 MW solar power plant.

On-Grid 1 MW Solar System

An on-grid 1 MW solar system is linked to the government’s grid. This makes it the cheapest option for business use. These systems can sell extra solar power back to the grid. This helps businesses lower their electricity costs.

Off-Grid 1 MW Solar System

Off-grid systems run independently. They provide free electricity for businesses. These systems need solar batteries to store extra energy. This increases the cost but ensures the business always has power.

Hybrid 1 MW Solar System

A hybrid 1 MW solar system mixes on-grid and off-grid benefits. It uses the grid but also has batteries for storage. This gives businesses energy security. It also lets them sell extra solar power to the grid.

Choosing any 1 MW solar system can cut costs and pollution for businesses in India. It also supports the country’s renewable energy targets.

Types of 1 MW Solar Power Plants

1 mw solar power plant cost – Investment Models

People interested in investing in a 1MW solar power plant have options like the CAPEX or OPEX/PPA models. Both have their own pros and cons for businesses. This choice is crucial for those wanting to use solar energy.

CAPEX Model (One-Time Investment)

The CAPEX model requires an upfront investment to own the solar plant. Owners get to use clean, free electricity for over 25 years. This approach is a solid long-term investment in clean energy.

The utility-scale solar plant budgeting can be ₹4 to ₹5 crores. This varies based on solar panel, inverter, and the project’s unique needs.

OPEX or PPA Model

The OPEX or PPA model, on the other hand, is more budget-friendly for businesses. A solar company sets up the plant for free. Businesses then pay a lower rate than the normal electric bill for 10 to 25 years.

With this model, there’s no need for a big upfront payment. It’s perfect for those looking for an easy way to get into solar energy.


A 1 MW solar power plant offers clear success and profit. It’s possible through the CAPEX or OPEX/PPA model. Businesses can cut costs, produce clean power, and help the planet. Reputable companies can make setting up and running a 1 MW plant easier.

They can help companies get the most out of solar energy. This journey helps businesses be more profitable and green.

The cost breakdown for a 1 megawatt-scale solar farm expenses   in India shows its benefits. It covers costs, setup details, and options for funds. These points explain the gains of utility-scale solar farms.

Businesses can use the Earth’s abundant sunlight and lower system prices. This will boost the solar industry. Plus, it makes our future more secure.

Setting up a 1 MW solar plant is now more enticing for big businesses. It helps them cut pollution and make more money. They also set a positive example for others regarding the green future.


What is a 1 MW Solar Power Plant?

High-capacity systems over 100kW are known as Solar Power Stations or Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants. They can power commercial sites like stores on their own.

How does a 1 MW Solar Power Plant work?

Solar panels soak up the sun to make electricity. Each solar cell is made of special materials that react to sunlight, creating electricity. This power is then changed into the kind your electronics need.

What is the average cost of a 1 MW Solar Power Plant in India?

In India, a 1MW solar power plant costs Rs 4 to 5 crores on average. The main part of these plants is the solar panel. They can be made of either monocrystalline or polycrystalline materials.

What are the key components of a 1 MW Solar Power Plant?

A 1 MW solar plant needs panels, a mounting structure, an inverter, and more. It might also have solar batteries and other system parts. These make sure the plant works well.

What are the different types of 1 MW Solar Power Plants?

Three kinds of solar plants use the ‘Photovoltaic Effect’: on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. The choice affects what solar parts are needed and how much it costs in India.

What are the investment models for a 1 MW Solar Power Plant?

You can invest in a 1 MW solar plant through CAPEX (a one-time cost). Or choose the OPEX/PPA model. Here, a solar company puts up the plant for free. Then, you pay for the energy used each month.

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