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Solar Square: Unlock the Power of Clean Energy Solutions

In places like India, salt farmers are now turning to solar power. In America, wind companies are creating lots of jobs. Frances Beinecke says these efforts are showing us a clean energy future. She shared that the journey of using solar power began long ago, in the 7th century BC.

Today, SolarSquare is India’s third-largest EPC installer. They have handled 90 MW of rooftop solar projects. The company was started by a group from IIT Bombay. SolarSquare aims to lead India towards using clean, sustainable energy.

They are India’s top choice for solar panel systems on homes and buildings. Solar enthusiasts work on projects for homes, communities, and businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • SolarSquare is India’s third-largest EPC installer with 90 MW of rooftop solar experience.
  • SolarSquare was founded by a group of like-minded solar enthusiasts from IIT Bombay with the goal of making India a leader in clean, sustainable energy.
  • SolarSquare is India’s No. 1 Rooftop Home Solar Brand, offering solar panel systems for homes, housing societies, and businesses.
  • SolarSquare’s mission is to promote the use of renewable solar power and green energy solutions for sustainable living.
  • SolarSquare’s eco-friendly technology and solar installation services aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Introducing Solar Square: India’s Leading Rooftop Solar Provider

SolarSquare is leading India in bringing solar power to homes. They make it easy with payment plans. More than 7000 homes and big companies trust them to cut energy bills by at least Rs. 2000 a month. In their 8 years, they’ve become India’s only UL-certified solar company. They offer help from inspecting your roof to installing solar and taking care of it after.

About Solar Square

SolarSquare keeps helping its customers even after the solar panels are up. They offer maintenance and advice to make sure your solar works well and you save money. When you work with SolarSquare, you get expert advice, roof checks, the best solar systems, a guarantee against storms, and 5 years of maintenance. Plus, you can pay in installments. With them, a 1 kW solar system reduces carbon like planting 15 trees each year for 25 years.

Why Choose Solar Square?

SolarSquare is the go-to for solar in India. They have affordable payment plans and have helped many save Rs. 2000 a month on power. They’ve been at this for 8 years and are the only UL-certified solar company in India. They offer full help from the start to after you have solar.

solar square: Services and Solutions

SolarSquare has been around since 2015. They know how crucial a site inspection is. Solar consultants check the roof and its strength. They also decide on the best angle for solar panels.

The design team joins the inspection. They deal with looks, showing a 3D model quickly. This helps solve any worries about how the solar system will look on the house.

Rooftop Inspection and 3D Design

After finding the best spot, SolarSquare gets to work. The design engineers and installation experts make sure everything is installed safely. They use strong mounts and follow top-notch safety standards.

Customers are set for 25 years of pride with their solar system, thanks to SolarSquare.

Installation of Residential Solar Panels

Cost can be a barrier for solar installations. That’s why SolarSquare has options for everyone. They offer a quick loan process, interest-free plans, and easy 5-year payment setups.

Easy Financing Options

Once you’re set up, SolarSquare has you covered with free maintenance for five years. They handle cleaning, check-ups, and making sure your system works well.

Annual Maintenance Contract


SolarSquare is a top commercial solar installer in India. They install about Rs. 30 lakhs worth of solar systems each day. They are also now the third-largest in home solar, helping over 7,000 houses. What’s more, they’ve earned the title of India’s only UL-certified solar company. This proves their dedication to quality and safety.

SolarSquare is at the forefront of providing solar energy solutions. They aim to boost renewable energy and support clean, sustainable living. Their unique ideas and focus on what customers need have built strong relationships. This has made them a favorite choice for those wanting green energy in India.

They are known for their excellent work and their promise to keep the planet green. As India looks for new energy solutions, SolarSquare is there to help. They want to give homes, communities, and companies the chance to use solar power. This is not only good for the environment but also saves money.


What is SolarSquare?

SolarSquare is India’s top rooftop solar provider. They offer full solutions for solar energy in homes, societies, and businesses. It was started by solar fans from IIT Bombay. Their goal is to lead India into a clean and sustainable energy future.

Why should I choose SolarSquare?

SolarSquare stands out with its many benefits. These include easy-to-pay EMI plans and a 5-year maintenance deal. Plus, it’s the only UL-certified solar company in India. They focus on quality, safety, and your happiness through the entire solar setup.

How does the rooftop inspection and design process work with SolarSquare?

Experts from SolarSquare look at your roof and set up the solar panels just right. They even take care of how it looks. Within 30 minutes, they create a 3D model showing your home with the solar system.

What kind of installation and maintenance services does SolarSquare provide?

SolarSquare has skilled engineers and installers for a smooth, secure setup. They use strong mounts that are chemical-safe. Also, you get a free 5-year maintenance plan. This plan includes cleaning, tune-ups, and checking how much power your system makes.

How does SolarSquare make solar energy affordable for homeowners?

SolarSquare makes getting solar panels easy on your budget. They have various payment plans, including quick-loan approvals. You can choose from interest-free 6-month plans to longer 5-year EMIs. This way, everyone can go solar.

What are the environmental benefits of choosing SolarSquare?

With just a 1 kW solar system from SolarSquare, you save the environment big time. It stops 1 metric ton of CO2 each year for the next 25 years. That’s like planting 15 trees every year.

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