is ion solar legit

Is Ion Solar Legit? Reliable Solar Panel Company Review

Ion Solar  is a leading solar energy company in the United States. It offers solar panel systems and installation to both homes and businesses. The firm is found in ten states, ensuring a broad reach.

They provide a variety of solar panels, such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline. This choice helps meet various customer needs. Plus, they offer financing, making solar energy easier to afford. Their full services include design, permitting, installation, and support. This makes the whole process smooth for their customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Ion Solar is a legitimate and reputable solar panel company with a strong presence across the United States.
  • The company offers a wide range of solar panel options, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners and businesses.
  • Ion Solar panels provides financing solutions to make the switch to solar energy more affordable for customers.
  • The company’s services cover the entire solar panel installation process, from design and permitting to ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Ion Solar has received positive customer reviews and maintains a high Better Business Bureau rating, indicating its commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

What is Ion Solar?

Ion Solar  is a top solar energy company, starting in 2013 from Colorado Springs. It has grown to serve many states. You can find them in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and other places.

Company Overview

Ion Solar company aims to meet the unique needs of homes and businesses. They provide top-notch solar panels. These panels turn sunlight into eco-friendly energy.

Services Offered

They cover everything from designing to installing solar panels. Ion Solar installation also helps with permits and keeps up with maintenance. Plus, they have ways to help you pay for solar power, making it easier to choose.


Ion Solar is spreading its reach all around the country. Their services are now available in many cities and states, including:

  • Colorado: Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Denver
  • Florida: Orlando
  • North Carolina: Durham
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque
  • Nevada: North Las Vegas, Henderson
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
  • Oregon: Clackamas
  • Texas: Buda, Kyle
  • Utah: Provo
  • Virginia: Virginia Beach, Newport News, Ashland

This growth lets Ion Solar offer its quality panels, service, and savings to more places. Homeowners and businesses can benefit from Ion Solar’s offerings across the U.S.

is ion solar legit?

Based on what customers say, Ion Solar seems trustworthy. People love their excellent customer service and fast set-up. They also talk highly of the ion solar reviews. Attention to detail and fixing issues quickly stand out for many.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customers really like Ion Solar’s ion solar customer service. They say going from the first talk to having solar panels was easy. People highlight the Ion Solar team’s skill and quick issue fixing.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Ion Solar got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This shows they handle complaints well and keep things fair. The BBB says Ion Solar is a good, trustworthy pick for solar energy.


After looking at all the facts, it’s clear that Ion Solar stands out as a top-tier solar panel company. They serve homes and businesses all over the United States. Positive reviews from customers, quick installations, and a high BBB score show their dedication to top-notch products and superb service.

Choosing Ion Solar for solar panels is a smart move. They care about making customers happy and offer dependable, efficient solar solutions. With many locations in various states, Ion Solar meets the rising need for green energy in the U.S.

Given the facts, we can trust Ion Solar as a go-to for solar energy needs. They offer reliable service and make going green affordable. So, for a sustainable and money-saving energy switch, Ion Solar is a top choice.


What is Ion Solar?

Ion Solar is a solar energy company serving the US. They offer solar panel systems and installation. The company has many locations, including Colorado, Florida, and Texas.

They have both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. Plus, they make solar energy more affordable with their financing options.

What services does Ion Solar offer?

Ion Solar provides design, installation, and support for solar panels. They also handle the permits needed. Their financing options help customers afford solar energy.

They back their systems with strong warranties. This ensures the panels work well for a long time.

Where are Ion Solar’s locations?

Ion Solar better business bureau operates in several US cities and states. You can find them in places like Denver, Orlando, and Durham. They’re also in Albuquerque, Provo, and Clackamas, among others.

Is Ion Solar a legitimate and reliable company?

Ion Solar is considered a trustworthy company by its customers. They appreciate the great service and quality products. With an A+ from the BBB, Ion Solar is known for ethical practices.

What do customers say about Ion Solar?

Customers say Ion Solar is very detail-oriented and quick to help with any issues. High ratings with the BBB show their solid reputation.

What is Ion Solar’s warranty?

Ion Solar’s panels come with a warranty for lasting performance. This ion solar warranty gives customers peace of mind with their investment in solar energy.

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